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World Journal “Psychotherapy”

The magazine announcement!



World Journal“Psychotherapy”receives submissions as a Word document. Please submit all tables and figures both in your Word document and as separate files. Manuscripts are accepted on the understanding that they are subject to editorial revision.
Please submit your articles, your revisions and letters This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Canada); This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Montenegro); This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Russia); This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Russia); This email address is being protected from spam bots, you need Javascript enabled to view it (Russia)



World Journal“Psychotherapy” expects that when the authors of a paper do not have English as a first language, they will have their text checked by a native English speaker before submission unless circumstances or resources prohibit it.



The first page of the file should contain the title of the paper, names of authors, the address where the work was carried out, and the full postal and email addresses of the author who will check proofs and receive correspondence and offprints. The second page should contain only the title, names of authors, an abstract and up to seven keywords. The entire manuscript, including references, tables, figures and any other material, should be numbered in one sequence from the title page onwards. Footnotes to the text should be avoided where possible.
Only commonly accepted abbreviations are allowed. Rarely used and highly specialized terms should be explained. The International System of Units (SI) should be employed.
An intervention (drug) description should include its active substance, its commercial and generic name and the producing company’s name. All names and doses must be accurate. Post-registration clinical trial descriptions must have information on the registration and the permission for the dugs in question to be used by the official registering entity (registration number and date).



Research report abstracts should use the following headings: Aims, Methods, Results and Conclusions. In the case of addiction history articles (case reports) please use the headings: Background, Case descriptions, Conclusions. Abstracts should normally be no more than 200 words long.



Should follow good citation practice and normally include only items that are retrievable through standard bibliographic sources i.e. not poster presentations, unpublished conference papers, work in preparation or under review, unpublished manuscripts or personal communications.
When an author's name is mentioned in the text, the date of the reference should be inserted in parentheses immediately after the name, e. g. <text> (Heimer, L., Harlan, R.E., Alheid, G.F. et al, 1997) <text>. The reference list should be numbered in the order of appearance (see examples below).
Please give the names and initials of all authors (unless there are more than six, when only the first six should be given, followed by et al). The authors' names are followed by the title of the article, the title of the journal, the year of publication, the volume number and the first and last page numbers. Issue/part numbers are not required.
References to books should give the names of authors or editors, title, place of publication, publisher and year. Please be sure to include page numbers for book chapters.
Foreign language citations should be accompanied by a bracketed English language translation. Internet articles should only be used where printed material is not available. They should be treated in the same way as printed material. Authors must verify references against the original documents before submitting the article.
1. Babor T., Caetano R., Casswell S., Edwards G., Giesbrecht N., Graham K. et al. Alcohol: No Ordinary Commodity—Research and Public Policy. Oxford: Oxford University Press; 2003.
2. Babor T.F., Caetano R. Evidence-based alcohol policy in the Americas: strengths, weaknesses and future challenges. RevPanam Salud Publica 2005; 18: 327–37.
3. World Brewers Alliance. Worldwide Brewing Alliance: Global Social Responsibility Initiatives. 2003. Available at:
4. Пшенникова М.Г. Актульные проблемы патофизиологии. Избранные лекции. Москва: Медицина; 2000. (Pshennikova M.G. Topical Problems of Pathophysiology. Selected Lectures. Moscow: Meditsina; 2000).



These should be both included in the Word document and be sent as additional files. All photographs, graphs and diagrams should be referred to as Figures in the text and should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals (e.g. 'Fig. 3'). A list of legends for the figures should be submitted on a separate page o the file; legends should include keys to any symbols. In the full-text online edition of the journal, figure legends may be truncated in abbreviated links to the full-screen version. Therefore, the first 100 characters of any legend should inform the reader of key aspects of the figure. Individual figures and tables size should not exceed A4 page (210 x 290 mm). Illustrations submitted (line drawings, halftones, photos, photomicrographs, etc.) should be digital files which should follow these guidelines: 300 dpi or higher; sized to fit on journal page; TIFF, GIF or JPEG format submitted both as separate files and embedded in text files.

Peer Review


All manuscripts, including those written at the invitation of the editor, are subject to peer review by at least two experts. Upon completion of the review (usually a 5-week process), the author(s) will be advised of the decision on the manuscript. Please note that all reviews remain anonymous.

PDF offprints


The corresponding author will receive a PDF offprint of their article in addition to a free copy of the issue in which their article appears.

Other instructions


Accepted articles are published free of charge. No author’s honorarium is paid.

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