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Constitution of Asian Federation for Psychotherapy
Name and Residence of the AFP

The Asian Federation for Psychotherapy (AFP) is a chapter of the World Council for Psychotherapy (WCP). It has it's own principles under the WCP's constitution.
The residence of the AFP official bureau is located in the country where the next General Assembly is held.


Purpose of the AFP

To unite all psychotherapists and counselors , psychotherapeutic and counseling institutes with their different school orientation, psychotherapeutic and counseling researchers and their institutes, and their national and international organisations in Asia .
To promote the psychotherapy and counseling in all the counties of the Asia .
To enhance the conditions for psychotherapy patients and clients in Asian countries.
To cooperate with national and international organizations.
To support its members in all psychotherapeutic and counseling concerns (belongings).

Activities to Realize the Purpose of the AFP

Organization of congresses in Asia
Working out of guidelines Issue of publications
Consulting of national and international associations in Asia .


The members of the AFP are structured into ordinary, extraordinary and honorary members.

Ordinary membership in the AFP can be psychotherapists or counselors and psychotherapeutic or counseling organizations of different orientations from all countries in Asia . (Ordinary membership in the AFP can be psychotherapeutic and counseling organizations; in exceptional cases also individuals who are busy in the field of psychotherapy and counseling of in all countries in Asia . The organization members of Asian Federation should be national organizations of psychotherapists and counselors of Asian countries. It would be better if these organizations are the biggest in the country, which will reflect the interests of the majority of professionals in the field of psychotherapy and counseling. )
Extraordinary members can be individuals and organizations that support the AFP and/or its goals.
Honorary members can be individuals and organizations that have contributed extraordinary work to the field of psychotherapy and counseling .

Ending of Membership

A member has the right to withdraw from membership after having submitted a written notice of his or her intention.
Membership is also cancelled by the death of a member or termination of a member organization.
A member can be suspended from membership through the Governing Board it neglects the duties of their membership and or acts disgracefully, respectively against the intentions of the AFP. There does not exist any right of appeal.

Rights and Duties of the Members

The members are obliged to support the aims of the AFP with all their strength.
All members have the right to participate in the General Assembly as well as on all meetings of the AFP.
All ordinary members resp. functionaries or delegates have active as well as passive voting right.

Voting Rights and Procedures

All organizational members are entitled to have a number of delegates.
Every organization has 1 Votes.
All delegates and ordinary individual members are eligible to appointments within the AFP.
Any delegate or member unable to attend the General Assembly may arrange with another delegate or member to vote on his or her behalf on condition that he or she communicates both names to the Organizing Committee of the General Meeting before its opening.

The Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the AFP consists of the General Assembly, the Board, and the Auditors.

The General Assembly

The General Assembly will be held every year in one of the Asian countries, except the year when meet the General Assembly of WCP.
The invitation to the General Assembly as well as to the Extraordinary General Meeting must be sent by letter to all members at least two months before the GM.
Proposals for the agenda of the General Assembly must be sent to the President not less than 1 month before the GM.
All members are entitled to participate in the General Meeting. Voting rights will be reserved to ordinary members only, where by each member has one vote.
The General Assembly shall be considered in session when half of the ordinary members are present.

Duties of the Governing Board

Receipt of the Treasurer, the Auditors, the President and any committees established.
Monitor the last official bureau transfer 30% of congress payment to next AFP bureau.
The regulation of the membership fee and the date of payment.
The election of Auditors.
The consideration of the motions of the Board or those motions that have been submitted by members to the Board at least 90 days in advance.
The revision of the constitution, for which the vote of 2/3 of the ordinary members are requested.
The election of the Board Members. Each member has to be elected in an own procedure of voting. The election takes place secretly through a written vote.
Dissolution of the AFP.

Governing Board

The Governing Board that has been elected at the General Assembly for the period of one year has all power to carry out the activities of the AFP during the time of the last and the future General Assembly.
The Board shall consist of the following persons:
The president, who should be nominated by the delegates of the country where the next General Assembly will be held, and elected by the General Assembly.
Three to six vice presidents, each of them from different country.
One delegate from each of the Asian region: North Asia, West Asia, East Asia, Middle East Asia and South Asia.
The board meets at least once between the last and the future General Assembly.

Duties of the Board Members

The president shall organize the General Assembly by an invitation send to all members.
The president should point a General Secretary for supporting him/her in carrying out the activities of the AFP.
The president should point a Treasurer in responsible for the duty of the financial affairs.
The other board members should support the president in carrying out the activities of the AFP.

The Auditors

The Auditors, who have been elected by the General Assembly for the period of one year, shall examine all financial affairs and submit their report to the General Assembly.

Cancellation of the AFP

The dissolution of the AFP can only be carried out through a call of an Extraordinary General Meeting. A 2/3 majority of votes will be required.

Public Utility

The activity of the association follows no intention of realizing profit and is aimed at pubic utility.

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