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Minutes of the Board Meeting of the AFP
26.08.2011, VI World Congress for Psychotherapy, Sydney, Australia

Vice-president of AFP-Viktor Makarov

Participants: Alexander Katkov (Kazakhstan), Qian Mingy (China), Mohammad Khodayarifard (Iran), Viktor Makarov (Russia), Ekaterina Makarova (Russia), Alfred Pritz (Austria), Edward Chan (Malaysia), Xudong Zhao (China).

Apologies: Ali Mohammad Goodarzi (Iran), Yuji Sasaki (Japan), Ganesh Shankar (India).

Meetings Agenda:

1.Greeting of new Board Members
2.Discussion about the position of chinese national representatives.
3. Discussion about venues and dates of the next congresses of the AFP.

1. The Board wecomes Prof. Dr. Edward Chan, president of the Malaysian Association for psychotherapy, as a national representative of Malaysia.
The Board welcomes Dr. Xudong Zhao, president of the german-chinese Academy for psychotherapy.

2. Mingy Qian proposed Dr. Xudong Zhao as a national representative of China. Viktor Makarov proposed Mingy Qian as a national vice-representative of China.
Decision: the position of the chinese national representatives have been approved.

3. After the discussion, the following venues and dates of the Congresses of the Asian Federation for Psychotherapy have been established:

  • Year 2012, autumn, Delhi, India
  • Year 2013, from 5.07 till 7.07, Moscow, Russia (The first Euroasiatic Congress)
  • World Congress for Psychotherapy, Year 2014, from 11 till 15.06, Durban, South Africa
  • Year 2015, from 17.07 till 19.07, Kuching, Malaysia
  • Year 2016, from 21.05 till 24.05, Tehran, Iran

The next Board Meeting of AFP will take place in Delhi

Board Meeting Minutes prepared by Ekaterina Makarova
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