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Certificate of Professional Recognition of the World Council for psychotherapy

World Council for Psychotherapy started awarding WORLD CERTIFICATE FOR PSYCHOTHERAPY- the document of professional recognition, which is aimed to unite high-qualified specialists throughout the world.


World Certificate for Psychotherapy is recognized by all continental organizations of psychotherapists: for psychotherapy:

  1. European Association for Psychotherapy,
  2. Asian Federation for Psychotherapy,
  3. North American Association for Psychotherapy,
  4. South-American Association for Psychotherapy,
  5. African Association for Psychotherapy,
  6. Association for Psychotherapy of Australia and Oceania.

In 1998 European Certificate of Psychotherapy, which quickly became the main cross-continental document of professional recognition in the field of psychotherapy, was introduced. In nine years 3 889 specialists in 36 countries of Europe and 48 countries worldwide were awarded to it.

At the begun epoch the ideas and knowledge don’t have boundaries already. Professionals move from one country to another, from one continent to another more and more actively. More and more of our colleagues feel a need for a common document of professional recognition, which will be valid Europe as well as outside its boundaries.

Following the dictates of times the World Council for Psychotherapy has elaborated a new procedure of certification in the field of psychotherapy and entering them to the World Register. This work has been being carried out for four years and now it is concluded. For getting this document the professional should to meet high criteria of professionalism, share and follow ethical codes, which function in our professional communities.


World Certificate for Psychotherapy is a new break-through in the movement of uniting of professionals throughout the world!


Presidium of the World Council for Psychotherapy
Vienna, Austria, 2007

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